2 Swimming Pools | 14 Parking Spaces
Area (sqm): 2500 | Completed: 2018
Gardens (sqm): 600 (facing South)

Located on a charming square in the heart of the Principe Real area, Palacio Bichinho de Conta owes its name to the famous episode of a young aristocrat girl who refused to consume an imposed marriage with the son of the Marquis of Pombal, the great political figure who led the country after the 1755 big earthquake. The palace was almost a ruin when we visited it and immediately fell in love with its unique beauty and character. It will be converted into a private residence and a small exclusive B&B.

When its current owners acquired it, the palace had not been inhabited for ten years and was threatening to collapse. All interior decorations were in an irretrievable state, with the exception of the main entrance staircase which was maintained.

The building has been completely reconsolidated from the inside in order to meet current seismic standards.

The stated goal of the operation is to make Palácio Bichinho de Conta ready to become what the buyer needs it to be. All options are still open as to the final layout of the premises.